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Neogene Drug Forensics
Drug Forensics use basic principles and technical methods of modern instrumental analysis, qualitative and quantitative analysis of unknown drugs and metabolites, issuing comprehensive identification of the types and contents of drugs. Drug Forensics provides judicial basis in determining drug crimes, and whether individuals are taking drugs or driving with drug abuse history.

 items of Drug Forensics

1.Qualitative analysis of drug screening

2.Identification of drug species in fluids and tissues of human body.
3.Determination of content in samples for inspection

4.Detection of drug or drug raw materials and semi-finished products in industrial finished products, 

semi-finished products, raw materials and emissions

Principle of Drug Forensics

The hair samples are washed, freeze-ground, and extracted by methanol sonication and detected by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry in multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) mode. Qualitative analysis are performed with the blank sample and the added sample in parallel with the retention time, mass spectrometry characteristic fragment ion peak and ion relative abundance ratio.

LOD (limit of detection) of 15 drugs and metabolites in hair

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