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Introduction of experts

Duan Shumin

Duan Shumin is an academician of Chinese academy of sciences, academician of developing national academy of sciences (TWAS), neurobiologist, professor of medical school of Zhejiang University, and doctor of medicine, Kyushu University, Japan. From 2000 to 2009, he served successively as a researcher, director and deputy director of state key laboratory of neuroscience, institute of neuroscience, Chinese academy of sciences. In 2010, he joined Zhejiang University and served as a director of the department of medicine of Zhejiang University, member of the national committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, President of Chinese Neuroscience Society, chief editor of Neuroscience Bulletin and other posts.

Chen Zhong

Chen Zhong, "changjiang scholar" distinguished professor of ministry of education, winner of national outstanding young science foundation, distinguished professor of Zhejiang University, leader of technology innovation team of small molecule drug research and development in Zhejiang Province, winner of special allowance of national government and one of the first batch of leading health talents in Zhejiang Province.

Li Xiaoming

Li Xiaoming is a distinguished professor of "changjiang scholars" of the ministry of education, a leading innovator of "The Recruitment Program of Global Experts " of the department of organization of the CPC central committee, a winner of national outstanding youth fund, and a distinguished professor of Zhejiang University. Currently he is the executive vice President of Zhejiang University medical college, dean of the department of neurobiology, and executive vice director of the institute of neuroscience, Zhejiang University.

Hu Hailan

Hu Hailan is a distinguished professor of "changjiang scholar" of ministry of education and a distinguished professor of Zhejiang University. She has won the 12th China young female scientist award, China young science and technology award, national outstanding youth fund, national ten thousand people program, Tan Jiazhen biological science award, outstanding mentor award of Chinese academy of sciences, etc.

Si Ke

"The Recruitment Program of Global Experts " (youth), winner of Zhejiang Province "The Recruitment Program of Global Experts ", special expert of Zhejiang Province, professor of Zhejiang University, deputy executive director of Zhejiang University neuroscience research center.