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Portable Hair Drug Rapid Detector
Neogene established a quantitative detection system for drug detection based on integration of quantum dot fluorescent immunoassay and fluorescent detection technology. Single-channel detection can detect the corresponding items as needed, reducing the inspection cost. It's appicable to fixed places such as various drug rehabilitation centres, drug rehabilitation hospitals, and police stations.
 Technical Features:

1)  Quick Detection: Hair splitting in 2 minutes, drug testing in 3 minutes, with total detection time in 5 minutes. 

2)  High Detection Accuracy: 0.2ng/mg, in line with the standard of the Ministry of Public Security.

3)  Multiple Detectable Drugs: Heroin, morphine, methamphetamine, ketamine, 6-monoacetylmorphine, methcathinone, ecstasy (MDMA), acetyl fentanyl, benzodiazepine (flunitrazepam), caffeine and many other drugs, as well as morphine/methamphetamine mixed drugs, morphine/ methamphetamine /ketamine mixed drugs.

4)  Little Cross Reaction: Little cross reaction with methoxyphenamine, pseudoephedrine, etc. contained in medicine.

5)  Strong Thermal Stability: Tolerance to 45℃ for kit and hair lysate.

6)   Strong Versatility: hair lysate is highly versatile, multiple drugs can be detected at the same time with merely one time hair splitting process via hair lysate.