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  • Neogene Passed the Mid-term Inspection of Zhejiang Key R&D Plan
Neogene Passed the Mid-term Inspection of Zhejiang Key R&D Plan


Recently, the project titled "Zhejiang Province's 2018 Key R&D Plan Project - Development of New In vitro Diagnostic Reagents and Detection Systems", which was co-applied by Neogene, Zhejiang University and Zhejiang Police College, has passed the mid-term project inspection organized by the Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province.


Professor Wang Xiaoping, expert of the project team, deputy dean of School of Oceanography, Zhejiang University, made the mid-term project report. And the project successfully passed the mid-term inspection.


Since its establishment, Neogene has focused on the research of core technologies in the field of drug detection, and has participated in or undertaken many research projects, such as "National Key R&D Program - Drug Detection and Drug Control Technology and Equipment Research", "Ministry of Public Security Technology Research Plan - Handheld Drug Rapid Detection Equipment Based on Plasma Resonance Technology ", " Major Technology Plan of Xiaoshan District - R&D of Drug-Detecting Nanobodies and Quantum Dot Fluorescent Kits "and other projects, which provided important support for the establishment of drug detection technology system of Neogene and contributed to the development of domestic anti-drug technology.